Record Lowest Temperatures by State – InfoPlease – Record Lowest Temperatures by State If you think winter’s been unusually harsh lately, check out these frigid temperatures! Below is a list of the lowest recorded temperatures in each state.

El Nino 2014-2015: What the weather pattern means for 60. – Statistically, this time of year has the least predictability at any time all year. But peering below the ocean’s surface, water temperatures are already off-the-charts-hot.

Historically cold March temperatures are freezing a large. – Temperatures have fallen as low as the minus-40s, near the coldest recorded in the month in the Lower 48.

What is the coldest it's ever been in the united states loan Houston Texas? – Quora – As you would expect, the coldest temperature ever officially recorded in the USA was in Alaska. It was -79.8F – rounded off to -80F – observed at Prospect Creek Camp in the Endicott Mountains of northern Alaska on Jan. 23, 1971. The Prospect Creek Camp is along the Alaska pipeline about 20 miles.

The Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded in All 50 States – You may be surprised by how cold some states can get.. The Last Four Years Have Been Earth’s Warmest on Record. Climate and Weather. The Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded in All 50 States.

Extreme Weather Records | Texas Almanac – This is an unofficial estimate of rainfall that occurred during Tropical Storm Claudette. The greatest 24-hour rainfall ever recorded in Texas at an official observing site occurred at Albany, Shackelford County, on Aug. 4, 1978: 29.05 inches.

Coldest Temperatures in the United States – Current Results – Coldest Temperatures in the United States.. The region of coldest temperatures extends along the continental divide and spans the northern states, crossing the country from Maine to Oregon.. Montana is also home to the lowest temperature ever documented for the contiguous US, minus 70 F.

Coldest Winter Ever in North Texas? Not Quite. – NBC 5 Dallas. – Coldest Winter Ever in North Texas? Not Quite. By chief meteorologist david finfrock

Fort Worth, Texas – Wikipedia – The coldest temperature ever recorded in Fort Worth was 8 F (22.2 C) on February 12, 1899. Because of its position in North Texas, Fort Worth is very susceptible to supercell thunderstorms, which produce large hail and can produce tornadoes. The average annual precipitation for Fort Worth is 34.01 inches (863.9 mm).

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