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There are two types of punitive discharges: Dishonorable Discharge (DD) — which can only be adjudged by a general court-martial and is a separation under dishonorable conditions; and Bad-Conduct Discharge (BCD) — which can be adjudged by either a general court-martial or a special court-martial and is a separation under conditions other than.

Objective To determine any changes in total hospital revisits within 30 days of discharge after a hospital stay for. rates.

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If you are a retired veteran, or a veteran of the armed forces discharged under honorable conditions, you are eligible for a veteran designation on your license or.

If a discharge was not characterized as under honorable conditions, benefits are not payable unless VA determines the discharge was "under conditions other than dishonorable." By law, certain situations resulting in a discharge under less than honorable conditions constitute a legal bar to the payment of benefits.

She was separated from the Navy in 2015 with a general (under honorable conditions) discharge, started the appeal process the next year and.

It was really going to be an 'honorable discharge.'". upgrade her status from ” undesirable” to “general discharge under honorable conditions.

a general discharge under honorable conditions or an other than honorable discharge, military officials said. Some media outlets erroneously reported kruzik received a dishonorable discharge,

Because a general discharge is less than honorable, this might place undue hardships on the Marine to secure employment and access veterans benefits, including the GI Bill. For this reason, a commanding officer is required to give written statements on the reasons the general discharge should be accompanied by "under honorable conditions."

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Threatened with a court-martial, Cabrera said he accepted a dismissal that stripped him of rank and branded his discharge as “under other than honorable conditions.” Long Island native Kristofer.

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General (under honorable conditions) discharge: Usually simply referred to as a "general discharge," or GD, this type of discharge is granted if your commander determines that your service has been honest and faithful, even if you got into a bit of trouble here and there.