“There I was as a five-year-old, looking up at these big, bad F-4s just making noise and just looking. By her junior year of high school, she had grown serious about attending a military academy..

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The Defense Department issues to each veteran a DD-214, identifying the veteran’s condition of discharge – honorable, general, other than honorable, dishonorable or bad conduct.

“We’re troubled by it,” the inspector general, John F. Sopko, said in an interview. “It’s like turning off the scoreboard at a football game and saying scoring a touchdown or field goal isn’t.

it’s not an automatic upgrade, but it’s not the end of the world. Actually the only difference (besides any future military service you might wanna have, your new highers would see that, obviously among other things) but the only tangible difffernce is the college money.

The fence might have been bad for sheep, but it is good for shepherds. Normandy Award for war correspondents and a Clarion Award for his reporting from Iraq. Military commanders appreciate the.

Best Answer: A General Discharge isn’t as bad as a Dishonorable Discharge, but it can be tough to overcome once you’re on the outside world. It can prevent you from applying for and getting certain jobs and can limit your ability to rejoin the military if you ever wanted to do so.

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When a Soldier completes his or her obligation under a service contract and separates from the Army, the Soldier receives a discharge. In general, there are five different types of discharges from the army: honorable; general, Under Honorable Conditions; Under Other than Honorable Conditions; Bad.

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Change the reason for discharge. If you have a general courts-martial discharge or want to a change your discharge to or from medical retirement or medical discharge, you will have to apply to the Board for Correction of Military Records. DRBs do not have authority to make these sorts of changes. Can I Get a Discharge Upgrade?

 · George, no, when a person is discharged under a bad conduct discharge, they are bared from enlisting again. As for your situation with two “terms” honorable: Because a reenlistment simply extends your term of enlistment, the entire 11 years is viewed.