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The short answer to the pre-qualification question is no-you do not need to get pre-qualified. Getting Your Pre-Approval Letter Once you find your lender, they’ll take you through a quick pre-approval process and get you a pre-approval letter.

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Getting a prequalification letter takes one to three days, and it’s surprisingly simple. All you need to do is provide a lender your best guess on your income, credit history, assets, debt, and.

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How long does your mortgage pre-approval last? It varies from lender to lender, but mortgage pre-approval is typically valid for about 90 days, according to Baumbusch. Your letter will have a date.

Before you get serious about making an offer on a new home, obtain from your mortgage lender a prequalification letter at minimum, or better yet, a preapproval letter. A preapproval letter from a lender is much more significant than a prequalification letter. Prequalification often takes just a few.

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Pre Qualification Takes a 15-Minute Phone Call. In a 15-minute phone call, your lender can prequalify you for a mortgage. A "pre qual" is a non-binding opinion on how much of a mortgage you can afford. You will come away from the phone call with an estimated monthly payment and a price range to shop based on the loan size.