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"Start considering lending to ex-bankrupts’ are his comments." Nathan said: "I was appalled when I listened to the message. I was actually working at a wedding and couldn’t believe what I heard.

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Home loan for ex Bankrupt. Discussion in ‘Loans. as long as he meets income requirements etc. there are nonconforming lenders who specialise with ex bankrupts and many ‘normal’ lenders will lend to ex bankrupts after they have been out for a period.. Renovation & Home Improvement. WA New.

Mortgage after bankruptcy: How soon can you buy a home?. sure you pay all bills on time so your FICO score can recover. And pay down account balances to increase your chance of home loan approval.

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If your ex is on the deed to your property as co-owner in addition to being on the mortgage, his creditors and the bankruptcy trustee will be eyeing his share of the equity in your home for.