Local Planning in Beaminster, who does what?

We’ve been asked to do a round up of Beaminster’s groups involved with local planning in Beaminster further to our postings on the BAVLAP consultation recently, Beaminster Future and District consultations in 2013.

Tall order to try and do this in a nutshell! This post is to the best of our understanding after researching the relevant websites. If we’ve missed anybody or didn’t get it quite right, give us a shout (or drop us a line) here, on Facebook or twitter. Thank you.

1. Beaminster Town Council

Responsible for allotments, cemetery, memorial playing field, public hall and The Square. The Market House and Tolls Charity administers The Square, town council members are its trustees and accounts for the MH&T Charity are kept separately. Town Councils get involved in planning on behalf on the town. BTC has monthly planning, advisory and highway committee meetings (independent from monthly council meetings).
More information on BTC can be found here.

BTC invited independent volunteers to form Beaminster Future in 2012 and provide the council with a 10 year Parish Plan.

2. Beaminster Future

This group was made up of volunteers from the community and was formed for the sole purpose of delivering a 10 year Parish Plan via a questionnaire to all households in Beaminster. The plan was delivered to the Town Council in 2013 and can be found here. The Action Plan will ultimately be the responsibility of the Town Council; however volunteers are needed to deliver some of the actions the community has asked for.
A new group was formed to help take forward the Action Points raised by the community, see 3 below.

The Parish Plan is available here.

The Beaminster Parish Action Plan is available here.

3. Beaminster Future Delivery Team

BFDT’s aim is to provide briefs for each action in the Parish Plan to help volunteers understand what is needed for each action and help the Town Council in ensuring the Actions Plan is delivered wherever possible; provide guidance or assistance if required to volunteers to get the project/action going. The full delivery of the Plan is reliant on enough volunteers within the community wanting to help drive the actions highlighted by the community.

The BFD team is made up of the chairmen of the Town Council, the Chamber of Trade, Beaminster Future, the Yarn Barton Community Centre and the manager of Yarn Barton.

Some of the actions in the Parish Plan also affect the villages around Beaminster so are also found in the BAVLAP Action Plan.

4. Beaminster And Village Local Area Partnership

BAVLAP is a steering group that represents several local organisations and councils. They write a three yearly Action Plan. The actions come under the themes of housing, transport and accessibility, environment, local prosperity, safer communities, health and wellbeing, activities and opportunities for the community.

Both Parish Plan and Local Area Plan have to take into account the District Local Plan.

5. West Dorset District Council

The long term Local Plan for West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland (to 2031) must be based on researched information. It was drafted in June 2012, redrafted in January 2013 after consultation with the public, submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in June 2013, modified in Autumn 2013, suspended for six months from March 2014 in order to prepare additional evidence on housing needs as required by the Inspector.
More information is available here.

6. Beaminster Society

The Beaminster Civic Society aims to protect, conserve and enhance the town and the surrounding West Dorset countryside. It is a member of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and was established in 1986. It has about 300 members.

Its objectives are to encourage high standards of architecture and planning; to stimulate interest in history and environment; to try and ensure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic and public interest in Beaminster.

The Beaminster Society gets involved with and comments on planning issues with the relevant groups or councils on behalf of its members.

The Beaminster Society website can be found here.

We hope this post has helped you understand better who does what in Beaminster when it comes to planning!